Big Bubble Dive Resort Koh Tao Thailand

Big Bubble Dive Center Koh Tao Thailand

Diving with Big Bubble

Welcome to Big Bubble Dive Resort! You have just found one of the longest established dive centers on Koh Tao, in Thailand. Even though we have modernized our facilities and streamlined our services over the many years of conducting scuba diving courses on the island, we still do our best to keep the spirit of the “good old days” of Turtle Island up and running. But this is only a small part of what makes us different to the other dive centers on Koh Tao.

We offer our guests a relaxed and laid back atmosphere and super chilled out scuba diving for both, scuba diving lessons and fun dives!

You can start your diving adventures on Koh Tao by simply discovering scuba diving on a sunny afternoon with one of our experienced diving instructors or divemasters. This is a really cool way to get involved and anybody can do it! You will have a PADI / SSI professional at your side during the whole scuba diving introduction course; so nothing to worry about. Once you found out how great it feels, to breathe underwater, to behave like a fish and to float weightless like an astronaut in space, you can easily go on to the next step, and get a real PADI / SSI scuba diving certification, in only a few days. The Open Water Diver Course is worldwide recognized, so that once you have been certified, you can independently go scuba diving with a dive buddy, anywhere in the world!

Why you should learn to dive with Big Bubble?

  • Big Bubble is an international PADI & SSI Dive Resort with a spotless reputation.
  • Our highly trained and experienced staff sets a great value on safety for all divers and snorkelers.
  • We teach and set standards on marine biology and environmental awareness.
  • We offer all Scuba Diving Courses in many languages.
  • We guarantee that you will dive in a small group and enjoy a great service!
  • Our dive schedule allows smaller groups and longer dive times for our fun divers.
  • We ride on a big dive boat with lots of space to gear up. We call it “Big Boat” ;-)
  • We offer all our students the best individual dive education possible.
  • We provide high class scuba dive equipment and comfortable air cooled classrooms.
  • We start later in the morning to avoid crowded dive sites and give you some rest.
  • We have successfully conducted scuba diving courses for more than 20 years.
  • Big Bubbles’ scuba diving packages are amongst the best on Koh Tao.
  • We additionally offer all services like – accommodation and tickets for bus, train or plane!
  • But most of all; because diving with Big Bubble is relaxed, free of worries and a lot more FUN than anywhere else!

For more information about Big Bubble Dive Resort, scuba diving courses and the island Koh Tao itself, visit also:

Wreck Diving Thailand

New Wreck for Koh Tao

Wreck Diving ThailandKoh Tao has a new wreck for your diving adventures! The Navy ship that was sunk on the 18th of June 2011 is called HMS Sattakut. The vessel is 48 meters long with a beam of 7 meters. The total height of the wreck from the keel to the top of the mast is 18 meters. It was agreed by all who were involved that the best site for the wreck would be located on the west side of Koh Tao on a location south of ‘Hin Pee Wee pinnacle’. The wreck lies at a depth between 28 – 32 metres.

There is a longterm project planned in order to monitor the success of how the wreck will become habited with marine life and corals. It is believed that the monitoring of the wreck will be in conjunction with various Thai universities, as well as local conservation groups and the diving community of Koh Tao, as a whole.

One of the main aims of sinking the wreck was to establish an artificial reef which will take divers away from otherwise overcrowded dive sites, and relieve further pressure of the coral reefs around our precious island.

The HMS Satakut also provides an ideal wreck diving location for wreck diver specialty trainees and many other individual diving lessons on Koh Tao.

Come by at the Big Bubble Diving office in Chalok baan Kao and ask for details on when we’re going out for our next wreck diving expedition or contact us here!

How to get to Koh Tao

How to get to Paradise?

Many are the roads that lead to Rome Koh Tao as they used to say. Mainly though, there are three ways to get to our beautiful island and finally get your head under water. You can take the bus, the train or you can fly. In any case, you will end up on a ferry boat for the last part of your journey.

With Bus and Boat to Ko Tao

Lets talk about the buses first. You can get a ticket for a bus in almost every travel agency in Thailand or even in your hotel. The same goes for any other ticket you would like to purchase in the “Land of Smiles”. Traveling is easy in Thailand. The bus to Chumphon leaves in the evening from Bangkok and arrives in the early morning hours at its destination. The bus stops directly at the pier and you will not have to walk far. The boat, either the catamaran of Lomprayah or the Songserm Express, will bring you to Koh Tao in less than two hours. If you have already booked with Big Bubble Dive Resort, someone of our staff will be waiting for you at the pier on Koh Tao and bring you to your accommodation – free of Charge, that is!

With Train and Boat to Koh Tao

If you choose to take the train from the north of Thailand, the scenario is almost the same. Besides that, you will most probably sleep better in the train than in the bus. The train leaves Bangkok around 7pm and arrives about at 5 o’clock in Chumphon where a bus will be waiting to bring you to the pier. First and second class sleepers are most comfortable and only a few Baht more expensive than the bus tickets. Click here for all Train Schedules in Thailand

By Plane and Boat to Koh Tao

A considerable bit more expensive is flying; if you catch a flight in the morning though, you can be on Koh Tao already in the afternoon. In this case you would take a flight to Ko Samui or Chumphon, from where you would get on a bus to the pier. The airport is only about 10-15 minutes from the pier. For prices, Online Booking and Schedules for Domestic Flights in Thailand check this link.

Please note that you should wait 24 hours after diving before flying in an airplane.

For the adventurous, there are always more ways to Koh Tao, like mini buses, speed boats and other boat companies. For a list of all ferry boat Connections to Koh Tao and a timetable click here.

Underwater Wedding in Thailand

Nadine and Nico’s Underwater Wedding in Thailand

For those whom marriage alone isn’t exciting enough, there is always a way to top things up a bit. Nadine and Nico did just that when they decided to marry not only in Thailand, but also to get married underwater! To get married by itself is something so special that it has to be shown to the world and that had to be done in a special way! Both being qualified PADI Scuba Divers, found the idea of getting an underwater wedding more appealing than another idea they had. On December 24th, because x-mas alone on one day, once again isn’t enough for Nadine and Nico, the two got married underwater at Big Bubble Dive Resort in Koh Tao.

Underwater Wedding in the morning
In the morning, eyes still small, realizing the importance of the day, everybody gathers at Big Bubble dive Resort in Chalok baan Kao. There’s a lot to be done and to be prepared for Nadine and Nico’s underwater wedding.

Underwater Wedding Pictures Part 1

Marine Marriage - The Dive Boat
Finally arriving on the dive boat, the photo and video shooting sessions go on. Our wedding couple have become TV stars. On the short ride to the divesite where the underwater wedding is about to take place, is chill-out time.

Underwater Wedding Pictures Part 2

Underwater wedding - The marine marriage
Heads down under, the action may begin. Nadine and Nico are getting married and Big Bubble Dive Resort is having it’s first underwater wedding; everybody is excited, not only the couple that is about to get married.

Underwater Wedding Pictures Part 3

Underwater Wedding - The Party
Like on every wedding, there has to be a big party, and this one was huge! At the Rasta Bar in Chalok baan Kao, just opposite of Big Bubble, the underwater wedding celebration went on until the early morning hours.

Underwater Wedding Pictures Part 4

And at the end we all thought that it was such a great and memorable day, that we just want to do it again! Not with Nadine and Nico though, we hope they stay happily together ever after, but if you want to get married once – and you want to do something really, really special, talk to us and let us arrange the most important day of your life for you.

Big Bubble can also arrange a photographer or even an underwater videographer to produce a really cool marriage video and some great shots for the family album. Have a look at the video short version of Nadine and Nicos underwater wedding.

To see the video in high quality, please click on the YouTube link for the moment. Youtube will open in a separate tab or window. Click on “watch in high quality”, right below the video window.